Ndebele Beaded Kiaat Wooden Fruit Bowls


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When you're transporting bowls by bus from Zimbabwe to South Africa, there's bound to be a little damage. Rather than discarding broken bowls, they transform the broken kiaat salad bowls into functional fruit bowls. Once the split is cut out, the addition of bead work in the Ndebele tradition saves each bowl from the scrap heap and results in a beautiful and unique display piece.

M - $65 (SAB4d2) 

L - $80 (SAB4d1) 

XL - $100 (SAB4d3)

Origin: Zimbabwe & South Africa
Sizes: M - 12"Diam x 4"; L - 14"Diam x 5"  XL- 16"Diam x 6
Materials: Kiatt or Rhodesian Teak